GI Janel - ONE

Signature Formula
GI Janel - ONE

GI Janel One is formulated to treat the three key aspects which are required to relieve gas and bloating in IBS and SIBO.  These are:  microbiome balance, microbiome distribution and cellular repair.

The microbiome balance and distribution are important so that unwanted bacteria or yeast no longer ferment your foods causing gassy bloating.

Cellular repair is important so that the cells can effectively release the proper enzymes to breakdown and selectively absorb the building blocks of food. The cellular repair is also important to re-establish the GI Barrier.  The strong GI Barrier will keep your immune system separate from the food contents digesting in the intestine.  The Immune system and digestive content should never interface. They require the intact GI Barrier to keep them separate.  The inappropriate interface between the digestive contents and the immune system is what leads to food intolerances and a chronic inflammatory response.  Repair and temporary avoidance will achieve symptom relief so that you are no longer intolerant to foods.

GI Janel One is the most powerful and successful treatments that I have used in the past 20 years for the resolution of SIBO/IBS and SIYO.

It is gentle and effective as a natural antifungal and bacteriostatic agent and it is essential for tissue strength and repair.  GI Janel One contains the 3rd most common mineral in your body composition, sulfur.  Sulfur is not stored in the body and so you must have a constant intake to maintain healthy levels of sulfur for tissue repair.  GI Janel One requires a gradual dose titration to resolve gas and bloating.  Because of the microbiome acclimation in the initial stages, you may pass more gas.  This is normal and will decline.

GI Janel One is well tolerated for people with sulfite intolerance.  Sulfite formation requires oxygen cannot form easily in an anaerobic (digestive) environment.  GI Janel One soothes and heals the mucous layer of the intestine with gentle, demulcent herbs.  It also contains the gentle, water soluble fiber called acacia which promotes regular, formed bowels for cases of either diarrhea or constipation.

GI Janel One is not to be use in cases of hypersensitivity or allergy.  As with all treatments, consult your health care provider prior to taking in pregnancy.

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