About GI Janel

GI Janel is the creation of Dr Kathleen Janel, ND.  In her years of successfully resolving digestive issues, she became aware that existing supplements did not always have the correct formulation for her patients.  She developed and released GI Janel initially to assist her own patients resolve their symptoms.  She is now making them widely available for all those suffering from digestive concerns.


We are committed to educating patients and physicians on new alternatives for your optimal digestive health.


Our Vision is an environment where physicians and patients have the tools to resolve digestive concerns without a lifetime of prescription medication.


Knowledge Resources

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GI Janel Book, by Dr Kathleen Janel ND

Released in 2019, Dr Janel's book is resource for patients and physicians looking to understand the root cause of common digestive issues, and why the GI Janel formulas are uniquely suited to help resolve these concerns.

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