GI Janel Digest B

GI Janel Digest B is the most comprehensive of the GI Janel Digestion formulas.  This is because it is formulated to support the gastric (stomach), the Pancreatic and the Gall Bladder phases of digestion.

Using this formula will aid with the acid phase of digestion which occurs in the stomach, like GI Janel Digest A does.  In addition, this formula contains digestive enzymes which work at a higher pH.  These digestive enzymes are often deficient or reduce in cases of  IBS/SIBO and for some people, add this support in is all they need to do to eliminate symptoms.

A well-known enzyme deficiency is primary lactose intolerance. This is a specific deficiency of a specific enzyme which is housed in the lining of the small intestine.  This enzyme is called lactase and it functions to break down the sugar lactose found in milk products.  There are other deficiencies that are present in SIBO/IBS which make the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and proteins inefficient and lead to symptoms.  So, before someone tells you that you need to take antibiotics to deal with your symptoms, try using one of the GI Janel Digest formulas.  If your symptoms get better, then adding this support to the digestive process can allow your body to go back into homeostasis (it’s natural functioning state) and even eliminate unwanted bacteria or yeasts by making the environment hospitable again to digestion, rather than to their ability to populate.

Additionally, as the lining of your intestine heals, the environment will again become accommodating to the production of lactase and the enzymes that breakdown carbohydrates.  Then guess what?  Your carbohydrate intolerance AND lactose intolerance can resolve.

The third component of GI Janel Digest B is bile which supports the breakdown of fats.  Anyone who has had their gall bladder removed will benefit from taking bile with meals.  If SIBO/IBS patients are having chronic diarrhea due to fat malabsorption, taking ox bile to increase fat absorption is a simple step to improve or relieve these symptoms.

The short story is, if you cannot tolerate the acidity of GI Janel Digest A then move to GI Janel Digest B.  If this improves your symptoms, continue to use it with meals.  If you cannot tolerate the acidity  GI Janel A or B then move onto GI Janel Digest C.

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